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Influential Factors of Tuberculosis Notification Rates in Turkey: A Provincial-Level Spatial Analysis


Dokuz Eylül University Research and Application Hospital, İzmir, Turkey


Department of Public Health, Epidemiology Subsection, Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine, İzmir, Turkey

Thorac Res Pract 2024; 25: 68-74
DOI: 10.5152/ThoracResPract.2024.23109
Read: 696 Downloads: 123 Published: 06 February 2024

OBJECTIVE: The total annual count of reported tuberculosis (TB) cases continues to decline throughout Turkey. Recognizing the regions with high and low burdens and revealing the factors affecting TB notification rates may play a role in guiding national control programs. This study aimed to analyze the spatial distribution of TB notification rates from 2005 to 2018 and evaluate the factors contributing to TB rates.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this ecological study, we used freely available open data from the Internet. We employed global and local spatial autocorrelation analysis to identify the spatial distribution and the clusters with low and high burdens. We conducted an ordinary least square regression model, spatial lag model, and spatial error model. The best-fitting model was selected via model parameters.

RESULTS: Throughout the study period, the provinces in West Marmara Region (Edirne, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, Çanakkale) were consistently in a high-burden cluster. In univariate ordinary least square regression, population density, the proportion of contacts screened for TB, the proportion of TB contacts who received prophylaxis, TB dispensary count, mean particulate matter 10 levels, and gross domestic product were found to be positively associated with TB notification rate. The best-fitting multivariate spatial lag model revealed that the proportion of contacts screened for TB (β, z-value: 0.89, 2.21) positively affected TB notification rate.

CONCLUSION: The high TB burden in West Marmara Region should warn policymakers to maintain a focused approach to controlling TB in this area. This study showed the importance of contact tracing efforts to prevent the underdetection of TB cases.

Cite this article as: Emecen AN, Kıran P, Çağlayan D. Influential factors of tuberculosis notification rates in Turkey: A provincial-level spatial analysis. Thorac Res Pract. 2024;25(2):68-74.

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