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Comparison of Self-Efficacy and Problem-Solving Skills Between Women with Asthma and Healthy Controls: A Cross-Sectional Study


Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, İzmir Katip Celebi University Faculty of Health Sciences, İzmir, Turkey


Chest Diseases Clinic, Dr. Suat Seren Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery Training and Research Hospital, University of Health Sciences, İzmir, Turkey

Thorac Res Pract 2023; 24: 304-308
DOI: 10.5152/ThoracResPract.2023.23032
Read: 1052 Downloads: 299 Published: 27 October 2023

OBJECTIVE: Problem-solving skills and self-efficacy are among the topics that are frequently investigated in people with various chronic conditions. However, there are limited studies on asthma patients. Our study aims to compare self-efficacy and problem-solving skills in asthma patients and healthy controls.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: We included 23 women with asthma [age: 39 (34-56) years] and 23 healthy controls [age: 42 (30-55) years] in the study. Participants’ sociodemographic and disease-related characteristics, Asthma Control Test, and the Modified Medical Research Council Dyspnea Scale scores were recorded. We examined problem-solving skills with the Problem-Solving Inventory and self-efficacy with General Self-Efficacy Scale. We compared groups with the chi-square test, Mann–Whitney U-test, and Independent Sample t-test.

RESULTS: Age, body mass index, educational status, marital status, and occupational status were similar among the groups (P > .05). However, smoking was significantly higher in healthy controls (P < .05). It was found that women with asthma had worse self-efficacy and problem-solving skills compared to healthy controls (P < .05).

CONCLUSION: These results showed that there may be problems in socio-cognitive skills associated with the disease. Our study focused on the possibility that female asthma patients may have low levels of self-efficacy and problem-solving skills. Therefore, health professionals designing the rehabilitation program should take these skills into account while conducting the assessment as they may be useful in developing an efficient rehabilitation program.

Cite this article as: Köprülüoğlu M, Naz İ, Aktaş B, Kömürcüoğlu B, Özer Kaya D. Comparison of self-efficacy and problem-solving skills between women with asthma and healthy controls: A cross-sectional study. Thorac Res Pract. 2023;24(6):304-308.

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