Thoracic Research and Practice
Clinical Study

Cockroach Sensitivity in Inner-City Allergic Patients in Turkey


Ankara, Turkey

Thorac Res Pract 2001; 2: Turkish Respiratory Journal 17-20
Read: 405 Downloads: 247 Published: 07 October 2021

Objective: Cockroach (CR) allergens known as a major com­ponent of the house dust might contribute significantly to the increase of allergic symptoms as the proportion of CR infested houses is growing, particularly in inner-city districts. We con­ducted this study to find out the prevalence of CR sensitivity among 214 urban settled allergic patients.

Measurements: Skin prick tests (SPTs) were performed with Blate! la germanica extract along with the common inhalant allergens. Specific IgE determinations were carried out in patients with CR positive SPT.

Results: A total of 30 patients (14%) were found to have CR reactivity. We observed an association with atopy as well as with cutaneous reactivity to other indoor allergens; twelve (40%) had also sensitivity to mite allergens and three to both moulds and danders. 

Conclusions: These data confirm the higher risk of CR allergy among atopic population sensitized to indoor allergens in Turkey. Thus cockroach sensitivity, which is widely spread among our allergic patients, should be taken into considera­tion when prescribing adequate treatment.

EISSN 2979-9139