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A Case Report of Primary Malignant Pulmonary Melanoma


Department of Thoracic Surgery, Euphrates University Hospital, Elazığ, Turkey


Department of Pathology, Euphrates University Hospital, Elazığ, Turkey


Department of Radiology, Euphrates University Hospital, Elazığ, Turkey

Thorac Res Pract 2022; 23: 257-260
DOI: 10.5152/TurkThoracJ.2022.19062
Read: 556 Downloads: 249 Published: 01 May 2022

We operated on primary malignant melanoma of the lung, attaching the pericardium, diaphragm, and parietal pleura. A 48-year-old female was admitted to our hospital because of persistent dyspnea and cough. A preoperative computed tomography of the chest revealed 3 lesions in the right lung and a mass on the diaphragm between the right lung’s lower lobe and heart. A middle lobectomy was performed. The mass on the diaphragm had invaded the diaphragm and pericardium strictly. With a pericardiectomy and a diaphragmatic resection, the mass was removed in an en-bloc manner. Adjuvant chemotherapy was started 1 month after surgery and consisted of 5 days course of iv injection of cisplatin (90 mg/kg). The follow-up period was 5 years and uneventful. For primary pulmonary melanoma, even if it has intrapulmonary metastases, surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy can provide uneventful survival for more than 5 years.

Cite this article as: Balcı, AE, Kılıç M, Çalık İ, Murat A. A case report of primary malignant pulmonary melanoma. Turk Thorac J.2022;23(3):257-260.

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